Fountain and Pump Information

Fountain and Pump Information

There are many items to consider when purchasing a fountain design or having us create a custom fountain for your project.  With over 30 years in the business, we have learned many items to help with your bronze fountain decision for when creating your layout.  With so many unique designs, we have classified them into 3 different categories for you:

Classic Spillover Fountain (Basin Required)

These tiered style fountains are a classic design with a plumbing configuration having the water coming into the fountain to spray upward  and out through the center tube which has from 1 to multiple bowls.  With the bowls, they will catch the water coming out then, once the bowl fills, it pours out of the bowl over the sides.  Certain designs can have a secondary “accent” sprayer that would have water coming out of areas of the bowl (like birds, horses, etc).

4 Seasons Tiered Fountain by All Classics Ltd

Recirculating Fountain Style ( No Basin Required)

Recirculating Fountains are the least costly to install because they do not require any basin at your location or a secondary water source.  The water for this style of fountain comes directly from a water source which is part of the design of the sculpture.  These deep bowls, built-in basins, bucks or other design features permit water to stay within the fountain and by adding a pump of your choice, it will pull the water from the basin of the bronze fountain then you will connect to the piping to spray out and back into the basin.

Bronze Giant 3 Horse Wall Fountain

Custom Designed Fountains

We can custom design any fountain, in any style you would like for your project.  From giant tiered fountains (like photographed below at Benedictine College of our 15ft tall Lady of Grace recreated by old photographs) to monumental fountains or life-size designs, our team came make your location something spectacular and amazing.

Placement of your fountain

The design of the particular fountain you are considering for your project needs to fulfill the placement requirements for the project.  Let’s say that you do not have a convenient external water source then a recirculating fountain design will meet your needs.  With our designs, there are endless possibilities and to get the best effect, the size of the fountain should be scaled to and proportional to the surroundings it is being placed in.

Installation of Your Fountain

Electrical, contracting and plumbing requirements will vary depending on your installation project, please consult a professional business or contractor who specializes with fountain creations to help with your installation project. is highly recommended. For spillover fountains, we recommend leaving at least 18 inches all the way around between the end of the bowl and the perimeter of the basin for the return of the water.  We recommend that you do a test installation to ensure that you have made the proper provisions for the necessary installation items plus check clearance and access to them so that if you need to perform maintenance after the unit is installed, it is possible.  Once the fountain is installed, check for leaks and in the event that there are minor leaks attributable to the casting process (which is not uncommon as all of our sculptures are completely hand-made), they can be sealed through the application of one of the many “over-the-counter” paints or aerosol water sealing products available at any local hardware store.

  Water Quality

Hard water locations will cause water scaling and build-up but adding filters and if necessary a water treatment system may be necessary to ensure that there is a clean, clear, non-ionic water source available for your fountain and pump system on your design.

Pumps and Hardware Selection

As we do not deal with fountain pumps, we recommend using to shop for a pump that will suite your fountain needs or you can consult your landscaper or local fountain professional as every application differs one way or another.

Always remember that because each installation and design is very different (in one way or another), we always recommend that you use a landscape design service that is experienced in the particular type of fountain installation project you plan to undertake at your location.

We are the largest designers, manufacturers and suppliers of medium size to monumental size bronze sculptures and fountains in the world and custom design fountains and monuments are what we specialize in as well as custom school and corporate mascots.  Contact us anytime on our website or by calling us anytime Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm eastern time at 302-738-2190 or emailing us directly at (Make sure to white list our email address so you don’t miss our reply or communications via email as some servers are goofy with email).