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Bronze Fountains for your home, garden or business.

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Boy Drawing Water From Well
Charming nostalgic bronze fountain stages a scene of a boy drawing water from a well. The art..
$9,759.00 $5,855.40
Ex Tax: $5,855.40
Bronze Lion Wall Fountain
This bronze wall fountain depicts a traditional lion, with a fountain that pours from his mouth.&..
$10,995.00 $6,597.00
Ex Tax: $6,597.00
Four (4) Dancing Ladies Urn Fountain
This bronze fountain features four women dancing around the rim of a large fountain. An ideal foc..
$4,995.00 $2,997.00
Ex Tax: $2,997.00
Giant American Bullfrog
Exclusive Design, larger than life and only available through us! The American Bullfrogs are j..
$8,598.00 $5,158.80
Ex Tax: $5,158.80
Giant Three (3) Horse Wall Fountain
This equestrian sculpture fountain is larger than life and makes the perfect addition to any home..
$27,550.00 $16,530.00
Ex Tax: $16,530.00
Girl Holding Umbrella
This young girl holds an umbrella over her head, protecting her from the waters of this bronze fo..
$3,995.00 $2,397.00
Ex Tax: $2,397.00
Grand Cavaillon Horse Fountain
The Grand Cavaillon is a monumental bronze fountain designed as a testament to the equine breed t..
$14,995.00 $8,997.00
Ex Tax: $8,997.00
Medium Three (3) Horse Wall Fountain
This equestrian sculpture fountain is a medium size of our famous giant 3 horse wall fountain.&nb..
$21,790.00 $13,074.00
Ex Tax: $13,074.00
Praying Hands Fountain
This classic prayings hands fountain features a water fountain feature. Nice for holy water or pa..
$1,950.00 $1,170.00
Ex Tax: $1,170.00
Three Horses Urn Fountain Bird Bath
This beautiful fountain is a simple basin atop a pedestal, ringed by a trio of rearing horses. Th..
$5,795.00 $3,477.00
Ex Tax: $3,477.00
Two Mermaids Holding Shell Fountain
***Last one*** This beautiful nautical themed, bronze two mermaids holding a shell, is the last o..
$16,720.00 $10,032.00
Ex Tax: $10,032.00