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Bronze Nautical sculptures and fountains available.

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10 Bronze Swimming Dolphins Special Patina
This giant fountain sculpture is sure to be the envy of all that see it. It depicts a pod of ten ..
Ex Tax: $0.00
2 Flying Herons
Capture the grace and beauty of these 2 bronze flying herons.  These birds are extremely pop..
Ex Tax: $6,650.00
2 Swimming Bronze Dolphins
A pair of dolphins intertwined as they leap across each other, this bronze fountain is a beautifu..
Ex Tax: $7,995.00
2 Swimming Bronze Dolphins New Style
The new verison of our popular pair of dolphins intertwined as they leap across each other, this ..
Ex Tax: $7,495.00
3 Herons On A Tree
This is our three herons on a tree, bronze sculpture water fountain. This piece is great for any ..
Ex Tax: $8,950.00
Blue Crab Bowl
The crab is a lunar symbol which is indicated on the moon card in Tarot as the moon symbolically ..
Ex Tax: $650.00
Blue Heron Fountain
This bronze sculpture shows a beautiful blue heron perched casually on a jutting stump. This stat..
Ex Tax: $1,595.00
Boy Fishing
This young fisherman has just pulled in a keeper, and you can tell he's excited! A lifesize bronz..
Ex Tax: $3,295.00
Bronze 12 Dolphin Sculpture Special Patina
Special Order Only, a beautiful scultpure of 12 Dolphins swimming with a special, vivid color pat..
Ex Tax: $4,995.00
Bronze 2 Dolphins on a marble base
This desktop size, lost wax cast 2 dolphins is done in our special vivid color special patina, an..
Ex Tax: $775.00
Bronze 2 Jumping Dolphins
Two beautiful dolphins jump together while playing in the water. This hand cast, hand colored pie..
Ex Tax: $4,000.00
Bronze 4 Sea Turtles Swimming
This amazing, lost wax cast, bronze sculpture depicts 4 sea turtles swimming.  A really beau..
Ex Tax: $9,499.00
Bronze Bottle Nose Dolphin Skull Fossil Marble Base
Ex Tax: $1,425.00
Bronze Box Turtle (Large)
This beautiful lost wax casted bronze box turtle is available only by special order.  Please..
Ex Tax: $17,295.00
Bronze Box Turtle (Small)
This is one of our popular creations, a life size replica of a box turtle! Completely hand cast a..
Ex Tax: $1,195.00