Shipping and Returns

shipping and returns

Shipping Policy for U.S. customers

  • Super Saver: Most of All Classics, Ltd.’s customers prefer this alternative. We will custom crate, box, wrap, and package your item free of charge. This package is only available on a freight collect basis (you only pay us for the item purchased and pay the discounted shipping rate directly to the shipping company. This way you know we are minimizing your cost of shipping and our company does not make any profit on the shipping).
  • Other shipping alternatives: please call 302-738-2190 or email us at » for other options

Shipping Policy for all other countries

  • Shipping alternatives vary by country, your closest airport, your full address and postal code. Please call 302-738-2190 or email us at
    » for details

Shipping Terms

We will ensure your item is in perfect condition and crated properly before releasing to the shipping company. All shipments are insured through the transport company. The customer must inspect the item for concealed damage upon delivery, and if any damage has occurred, an insurance claim must be promptly made with the responsible freight carrier by the customer. All Classics Ltd. is not responsible for any damages that may have occurred while in transit.

Payment Information

  • You may choose to order online and pay with personal check or money order using our secure US Mail box:
    All Classics Ltd.
    P.O. Box 5,
    Newark Delaware 19715-0005
  • or you can call us at 302-738-2190. We take all major credit cards over the phone.

Merchandise Not Picked Up (“Abandoned Merchandise”)

Sixty days after your recorded arrival date of your special order items (the date any special ordered or custom created sculpture arrives to our location etc.), if you have not picked up merchandise for which you have paid in full, that merchandise will be considered abandoned. If the merchandise has not been altered or is not a custom created sculpture,  All Classics Ltd may (at its discretion) offer you the option to be credited for deposit merchandise less administrative costs incurred by All Classics Ltd. Otherwise, your rights to the merchandise will terminate. During the sixty day period after the product(s) arrival date from our foundry date, All Classics Ltd will try to contact you by phone, email and/or postal mail to request that you pick up your merchandise or a contact name and phone number for someone who can receive the merchandise for you if you are away. If you are unreachable or unresponsive to All Classics Ltd’s communications, your rights to the merchandise will similarly terminate.

Tax Information

Tax Information State based tax:
Which state must you charge tax in? – Delaware, no Tax
What is the tax % for that state? – Delaware, no Tax
Generic tax: What is tax %? – Delaware, no Tax